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About Us

CoVelocity is a Commercialization Cooperative dedicated to ensuring essential products and services reach the people who need them most.


Our experience has been that the lack of commercial infrastructure for essential innovations  is one of the primary reasons life-saving and community positive technologies are not reaching people around the world. 

To address this, we support innovators, manufacturers, and institutions who share a vision for a better, healthier future for their communities  to find, validate, and make available the healthcare technologies to address their most pressing needs.

Meet The Team

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Ariel Beery

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Ariel co-founded and led 3 social ventures over the past two decades: CoVelocity, MobileODT (AI-powered enhanced cervical cancer screening), and the PresenTense Group (a global network of social venture accelerators).

Father of three, with a B.A in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University, a MPA (Masters in Public Administration) from New York University (NYU) in Management, and an MA from NYU in Jewish Studies. 


Yael Misrahi

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Yael has led global partnerships focusing on the scalable and sustainable commercialization of medtech solutions in health systems globally. Yael started her career in international development, working with a number of international non-profits, specializing in the social impact of introducing new technologies to low-resource settings.

Yael lives in London with her partner and daughter. She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and an M.A. from the IDC Herzliya.

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Alon Metrikin-Gold

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A health entrepreneur at heart.

Alon has worked with emergency and refugee clinics, brought medical products from idea to distribution across the US and the world, supported and designed customer success experiences for medical technologies, and lobbied in Israeli Parliament against human trafficking.

Father of one, with a BA in Anthropology and currently completing an MA in Medical Antrhopology.

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