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The challenge:
Vaccine or test mandate
will soon take effect. 

You need to be in-compliance or face stiff penalties.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to implement a vaccinate or test mandate. Employees are subject to present evidence of vaccination or undergo weekly testing. Employers need to be in compliance or face stiff penalties.

  • Who is impacted: Employers with over 100 employees, Federal contractors, and certain state contractors

  • Duration: At least six months or until program is terminated

  • Penalties: The failure to comply could result in a fine up to $136,000 per instance of violation

How can you be compliant?

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​There are three ways for an employer to be compliant:

  • In Person Tests: Employees can get tested by a CLIA lab or at a clinic.

  • Over the Counter Tests: At home rapid tests, proctored by either a telemedicine provider or a manager at the employer. 

  • CLIA Lab Solutions: Certain states allow a customizable solution with either a lab or onsite device collecting samples and auto processing. 

CoVelocity, in partnership with

 Traction and Scale, have got you covered,

with TESTS, or a FULLY MANAGED TURNKEY solution. 

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Here is the plan to get us out of this #COVID19 war: 

NO lockdowns, NO waiting for vaccines, Reverses cases in weeks. 

A true public health approach focused on the ppl.

To end the public health war we are in.

RAPID At-Home COVID Testing for All

Prof. Michael Mina, writing in the NY Times 

Epidemiologist @ Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health

How can we help?

OTC tests at your doorstep

  • We make sure the testing apparatus comes to you, on and off-site, so you don’t lose worker productivity

  • We can provide a mixture of test supplies and telemedicine to ensure smooth processes 

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Managed reporting and test coordination

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  • We take care of OSHA reporting requirements 

  • We manage and coordinate testing across, even if you have 10,000+ locations

Powerful software, provider and CLIA-Lab back-end

  • Telemedicine software and provider network of ~1,000+ 

  • Capacity to execute at any scale, including companies with 100k+ employees

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​We just need to know # of locations, # of employees per location, your current HR system, and service level needed.

Then, we will  customize a plan for you. 

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With our large network of suppliers, providers, and technologies, we are able to provide inexpensive and effective solutions that keep your team and facility safe from COVID-19 and compliant with the OSHA mandate.

Want to get into the details?

Schedule a call with our today to let us know exactly what you need. You can email and a team member will get back to you with further information.


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