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CoVelocity set out on our mission to support healthcare systems to source and acquire the tools they need to serve patients as the pandemic began in early 2020.


Since then, we have worked with healthcare systems and the medical distributors who serve them across four continents and 11 countries.


Below are a few examples of our work:

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Sourcing COVID19 Diagnostics

When COVID19 spread across the world, many countries were caught at the back of the multinational diagnostics’ company’s order list. This left health systems across the globe without the tools they needed to diagnose SARS-CoV-2. 


In Guatemala, the pioneering foundation FUNDESA - the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala - partnered with CoVelocity to identify a molecular diagnostics platform that could enable the government of Guatemala to successfully respond to the pandemic. CoVelocity set out to identify, validate and make available a high quality yet low-cost and easy to use COVID19 PCR test: Atila Biosystems’ iAMP RT-PCR solution.


Since then, CoVelocity has expanded availability of Atila Biosystems’ revolutionary molecular diagnostics technology to multiple markets where its advantages in cost, simplicity, and speed are critical for scaling diagnostic testing.

Responding to the Oxygen Crisis

In April 2021, India was plunged into an oxygen crisis by the rising Delta variant of COVID19. GenWorks Health, an Indian healthcare distribution company, partnered with CoVelocity to rapidly source oxygen concentrators for the Indian market. 


Within less than a week, CoVelocity identified multiple sources for the Indian market that met their quality and price guidelines, including Israel’s Chaban Medical, a leading expert in quality engineering, who worked with the Israeli government to ensure the concentrators were able to arrive when they were needed most. 


Since then, CoVelocity has worked closely with Chaban Medical to introduce their high quality, affordable healthcare technologies to markets who can benefit from their attention to detail and understanding of the health system’s needs. 


Supporting a global organization's employee safety

As companies around the world sought to adapt to the new normal, our colleagues from multinational and local organizations sought help on how to best ensure employees are protected from unnecessary risk. In September, 2021, CoVelocity supported Mercer’s multinational client group to identify a local partner in Israel, EMA Cares, to support their local client requirements for regular testing and medical support. 

Since then, CoVelocity has partnered with local and global organizations to ensure they have access to the tools and resources they need to meet local guidelines, including our partnership with Traction & Scale’s program in the United States to enable remote support for organizations abiding by OSHA regulations

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