It's time

to get back to work, safely.

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Without a reliable solution for COVID testing and prevention, we may not be able to get back to normal - EVER.

The only solution is a comprehensive one, that protects everyone.

CoVelocity has got you covered, with a clinically validated, highly accurate and effective plug-and-play solution. 

How does it work?

#1: Prevent

We provide you with tests anywhere at anytime.

We will supply your office and employees’ homes –

so you stop the spread before anyone even gets to work.

#2: Protect

For anyone who slips through the cracks, we place an army of air defenders around your facility.

They can scrub COVID, but also a wide range of day-to-day pollutants and illnesses – inside and out.

#3: Monitor

Our dashboard can help you catch trouble in advance. Your management or maintenance team can monitor issues in real-time, and catch dangerous air quality early.

CoVelocity's turn-key monitoring and defense ecosystem keeps your team and facility safe from COVID and anything else that gets in the way of normal life.

Want to get into the details?

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Rapid and accurate COVID-19 tests, sent to the employees home or office.

  • Return results within 15 minutes 

  • Easy-to-use

  • Requires only saliva

  • Clinically validated

  • CE & FDA cleared

Test Regularly

Rapid COVID-19 tests

Aura Air: the world’s smartest air quality platform. Monitors and disinfects any space.

  • 600 square feet within 10 minutes

  • 99% effective against viruses and pollutants, including COVID-19

  • Centralized real-time interface

  • Integrates into BMS

  • Designed and manufactured in Israel

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Breath Easily

Air monitoring and purification




Aura Air:

Our air quality solution that blocks COVID-19 (among others)

Our rapid COVID-19 antigen test

for US-based teams

Our rapid COVID-19 antigen test

for Global teams


Let's get through these hard times, together

Keep your employees healthy and safe by ordering part or all of our solution.

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